Monday, December 5, 2011

Photo Contest Entries - Let the voting begin!

A few weeks ago I decided to give away a photo session. BUT the catch was each person entering had to submit a picture of "beauty in something considered ugly". That could mean MANY different things to people. Here are the entries I received. Leave a comment with your vote. Voting will end Friday.

Photo 1
Kennecott Power Plant at the north end of the mountain after dark.

Photo 2
"I took this pic in NYC it was on the side of an UGLY apt building!"

Photo 3
"I took during the summer. I think that this depicts true beauty in the face of something ugly and hard."

Photo 4:
Stretch marks! What an ugly mess! But 4 babies make it (beautiful) all worth it right?!

Photo 5
We were in New Orleans on a swamp
tour and this crocodile was just hanging out in a bunch of moss.
Pretty cool!